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A long time ago, I sold ebooks at a small sub-domain at my personal website. The shop was more an experiment than anything else, and I added and removed stuff according to mood and need ((Easier said than done!)). Then my friend Johan Ståhl told me that I should open a “proper” webshop, and – he insisted – give it a name different from my own ((Not because my name is ugly or anything… I hope.)). His reasoning was that if the shop had my name, I could only sell my own items. Also that if the shop became a success and began to steal too much attention from my performing carreer, it would be difficult to sell the shop to a more dedicated dealer if the shop was named after myself. All solid thoughts, so I took Johan’s advise ((And I wasn’t even drunk!)) and opened a webshop that I gave the name Warg. It’s a nice little shop with a few ebooks and videos.
However, more recently I have begun to think more and more on the topic of teaching. About pedagogy. About the theory and practice of education, about the best way to teach. How to impart knowledge in a constructive and efficient way. Done wrong, you get a copy forever dependent on handheld guidance. Done right, the sky’s the limit.
Therefore I want to experiment and see what happens. Hence the need to have a different forum than my regular shop. This will be something else than ebooks and instructional video. This will be more than Warg.

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