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Electronic circuits for magicians

Electronics for Magicians

Many magicians have a fear for electronics, which is likely based on a lack of familiarity than anything else. Because the same magicians gladly relies on other technology that is a lot less surefire, while electronics is used in everything from fire alarms to space exploration.

One of the best introductions to traditional electronics for magicians is Jon Thompson’s serie of ebooks.

  • Electronics for Magicians – In this first volume Jon Thompson introduce a cast of electronic components and show that they’re simple to understand. He then show you how to combine them into useful modules, and finally he present several full projects.
  • Electronics for Magicians 2 (Part 1) – In this volume Jon introduces several complete modules that can detect sound, vibration and human touch, as well as modules to create timed outputs and to run external equipment, including a heating element for flash product users. These are then combined to create new effects.
  • Electronics for Magicians 2 (Part 2) – This volume goes wireless! Delving into the world of electromagnetism to learn how to create, use and detect magnetic fields in your work, transmit ghostly voices, control props and much more.

Read some reviews here and here.

For the basics in soldering, there is no shortage on the internet. All from very basics to more advanced stuff. The electronics companies like AdaFruit (named after Ada Lovelace) have their own tutorials. And there are all sorts of tutorials on Youtube. Here’s a popular one in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
And here’s a particulary friendly one.

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